Online Marketing Basics for the Solopreneur

Phase One - Build Trust and Online presence

Would you buy from someone you didn't trust? No.

We research online before making any buying decisions. Before going to a restaurant we check reviews, prices, and menus - is your restaurant there? Before making an investment, we research investment firms, money mangers, and wealth strategies - will your blog post help us make a decision? Before making an appointment with a new dentist we check location and contact information - is your business information easy to find online? 

Today you must move your business online. You must have easy to access educational information, reviews, testimonials and contact information online. If not, you're losing out. Customers are looking for your product or service and can't find you, they find your competitors. 

I created a short list of "must haves" that will earn visitor's trust and grow your business.

  1. A professional website with information on your company and product, or service
    You must have a way for people to easily learn about your company, product or service, and contact information online. Without one, people are less likely to trust that you're a professional. Without an online presence, how else will you reach your online customers?
    Benefits of having a personal website:
    • People can easily learn about your company and contact you anywhere and anytime
    • Generate leads with a newsletter sign up
    • Look professional and an industry expert
    • Build your brand and visitor's trust
    • Show off awards and certificates

  2. A professional Linkedin page
    This is how people can verify your skills, learn about you, build trust, and see if you know anyone in common. Additionally, a Linkedin page shows personal achievements, reviews, recommendations. Without a Linkedin page, your audience can't do as much research as they may want. 
  3. Publish helpful & educational content to your website or blog (use this for your newsletter!)
    Blogging about your industry will make you appear as an expert and industry thought leader. You’ll gain trust because you’re writing about topics that matter to your customers.

    Remember: Write on useful, educational topics - do not be a sales person right now. If your website and content are all about sales, it looks scammy and untrustworthy. You're trying to build trust, not scare people away. 

    Ideas For Content Pieces:
    • Write articles about your industry - not a sale pitch
    • Case studies/Testimonials - show how other customers have benefited from your company
    • Create a checklist - something useful for your target audience
    • Create a step by step guide - teach your audience how to do something
    • Design an infographic - show a visual representation of your industry stats
    • Top 10 tips…  - a list of something interesting in your industry
    • Upload a video to Youtube and link back to your site - engage with Youtube users
    • Guest blog on someone else’s site or have someone blog on your site. (This is called co-marketing)

Start gaining trust and building your online presence today. It's the best way to attract new customers and re-engage with the old ones. By designing a high quality website, having a Linkedin profile, and producing relevant and useful content, you’ve taken the most vital steps for your business growth. Having these three in places let’s people to learn about your company, product and ultimately gain trust to drive sales.

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