5 Ways Marketers Use Psychology to Write Stronger AdWords Ads

Bored of writing ads? Bored of reading ads? Ok, me too. Let’s make your AdWords ads more interesting for your target audience and start driving more real website traffic. Use these tactics to strengthen your brand, gain audience trust, and ultimately entice searchers to click on your ad — not someone else’s. 

1. Fomo 
The fear of missing out prompts people to act. Adding a countdown timer, a limited time sale, or a limited product in your ad copy may encourage people to act rather than hesitate.  Asaptickets does a great job at this. The brand gives us a price and two fomo messages: "1 Day Sale" and "Ends Sep 24". It's informative and makes me crave baguettes and fromage.


2. Include Social Proof
The "everyone is doing it" messaging creates social proof. If everyone already trusts this brand, then it must be good. Right? Make your ad copy have a sense of popularity and belonging. Wording such as "Join 1633 customers who rely on...." or "Over 1633 five-star reviews...." will gain your audience's trust and make them feel comfortable choosing you, especially if you show that others have already done so.


3. Create Exclusivity
Ads that create a sense of exclusivity may make brands appear more desirable and attract your target customer. For example, Zegna writes, "Formal Attire for Elegant Men" which not only targets men who want (or think) they are elegant but also makes the brand exclusive for men in this mindset (and income level). If you are an elegant man, this might be the store for you. 


4. Educate & Solve Your Customer's Problem
NerdSkinCare educates the visitors with ingredients information while including the solution "Clear acne naturally." Simple. Easy. (Not to mention this ad has social proof with a review from Refinery29!). 


5. Differentiate yourself from competitors
StubHub standouts from their competition (and they have A LOT of competition) by saying, "the world's largest ticket marketplace." Who else would you want to buy from? Make your brand stand out by being a leader in your industry or showing what makes you different from your competitors. Messaging like, "#1 in the NW," or "Best in Class Since 1999" might give your brand a little edge.